Panther Vet Wall

This Veterans Day we were able to reveal, bless, and dedicate our new Panther Veterans Honor Wall, a project of our Alumni Relations Coordinator, Chris (Wilbert) Flood and her team.

This Wall, located in the SMC High School Commons, features blue dog tags for our Panther Alumni who have answered the call to serve our country. **Names and information were submitted to Chris Flood over the past several months. Above the Wall are photos of our alumni who are currently in active duty service. White silencers on the dog tags indicate a Veteran who has passed away. Dog tags are displayed in graduation year order. **Please note, this information is based off what has been submitted. If you, your friend, or a loved one is a Veteran or Active Duty Service Member who is not featured on this Wall, we are sorry for the omission. Please send any information to Chris at**

The current list of names displayed are:

Lewis Blessant USN 1971

Logan Brake USAF 2009

Leo Brown USAF USAF-R 1983

Nicholas Bullard USA 2006

Harvey Castagno USA 1948

Casey Clugston USA 1963

Ken Corsini USA 1957

Gene Corsini USN 1959

Frank Crespino USA 1951

David Cronister USA 1965

Frank Cukjati USA 1962

Kevin Decker USMC 1984

Jack Deveny USA 1965

Rudy Draper USMC 1996

Becky Hogue Duncan USAF 1996

Kirk Duncan USA 1997

Dunlap Jim USA-R 1952

Matthew Emerson USA 1991

Raymond Evans USN 1964

Robert Fleming USAF-R 1960

Peter Gallagher USA 1981

Albert Gariglietti USA 1940

Donald Gariglietti USAF 1966

William "Bill" George USAF 1966

Jason Gorman USANG 1987

Bill Graham USAF 1965

Joseph Habjan USA 1965

David Herman USA 1964

Steve Herman USN 1965

Alexander Herod USAF 2018

Fr. Derek Hooper USA 2000

Michael Horgan USA 1953

Anthony Htwe USA 2014

Andrew Johnson USA 1958

Brian Kavanagh USA 1997

Sarah Klenke USN 2006

Mariah Klenke USCG 2013

Tony Lemanski USA 1965

Edward Lomshek KSANG 1987

Douglas Lomshek USA 1990

Michael Manfre USAF 1953

Bill Martinous USA 1965

Mark Mayerske USN 1987

Matthew Mayerske USA 1990

Dan Miller USN 1965

Walter Murphy USMC 1949

Jessica (Russell) Nicholson USN 2001

John Peterson USA 1999

Bill Price USN 1965

Randy Reed USA 1965

Charles Joseph Russell USMC 2013

James Ryan USN 1950

Jeff Scott USA 2003

Richard Shaw USA 1956

Nicholas Smith USMC 2001

Andrew Stewart USMC 2016

Mitch Tener USA 2003

James VanBecelaere USA 1953

Ray Vietti USA 1965

Joseph Wachter USA 1945

Paul Webber USA 1977

Matthew Webber USN 1982

Riney Wilbert USA 1941

Donald Wilbert USMC 1942

Howard Wilbert USA 1945

Robert Wilbert USA 1950

Ronald Wilbert USA 1958

Tedgar “Ted” Yoakam USAF/USN-R 1947