Dear Parents, 

Uniform shorts season ends on October 31st. On Tuesday, November 2nd boys must wear khaki uniform pants to school. Girls can wear uniform skirts/jumpers, depending on grade level, or khaki pants.

Uniform guideline can be found in our handbook (including optional tights for girls).

We are excited to let you know that we are partnering with a new uniform company for all of our school uniform needs!  The company is Dennis Uniform and they have been in the school uniform business for more than 100 years.  Our plan is to begin a slow transition starting in January!  We will still accept current uniform pieces during the 2022-2023 school year and expect exclusively Dennis Uniform for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please watch for information will be coming soon!

School Handbook is available online at: https://5il.co/ors1

We are in need of used uniform sweatshirts!  If you have any cluttering up your closets, we will gladly resale them for you or accept as a donation.  You can send used uniforms to the St. Mary's Elementary office anytime!